Golem Grad



Golem Grad (“Big City”)(or also referred to as “Snake Island”) is an island in Lake Prespa, in the country of Macedonia. The island is sheer beauty, and is something that is worth checking out. There are many ways to get to Golem Grad. Namely, “You can arrive at Golem grad by boat. Due to the steep decline in the water level of Prespa Lake, thirty meters high and white coasts of Golem grad can be seen from all the surrounding places on the left and right coast, including the Arvati village. Previously the island was visited by researchers and scientists but also by people curious and hungry for knowledge. It is rich in herbal and animal species some of which are endemic. Upon the request by the UNESCO the flora and fauna experts are currently working on cataloguing these species” (Exploring Macedonia).


One way to get to Macedonia is from any number of villages in Macedonia. For example, someone can begin in Krani or Pretor, for example, with a boat, and head towards Golem Grad. What is great about Golem Grad is the richness of the land, as well as the history of the island. Plus, it is not far from the mainland, and thus, a great day trip to explore the island.


Golem Grad
The island of Golem Grad was at one point closed to visitors, but it is not accessible to tourists. In fact, “tony pathways have been built and the signs with the information in both English and Macedonian have been posted. There are nine archaeological sites on the island, mostly the remnants of churches and residential objects dating from the fourth to the nineteenth century. It is suggested that in the antic period the island was inhabited by the Macedonian tribe Oresti. The proof to this theory are recently discovered remnants of the monastery complex of three churches in which the graves of the priests who used to live there were found. The special attraction is the stone cistern that was used as a reservoir for drinking water” (Exploring Macedonia).


Here is an excellent short documentary created by a biology student, speaking about Golem Grad, its location, and the biology of Snake Island.


Here is another video on Golem Grad. This provides another excellent view of the island.